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KidZ at Heart

KidZ at Heart

“The way I teach children is going to change. I look forward to my lessons now!”

We recently had the privilege to train 37 students in Mooketsi, Limpopo. These students did the two-day KidZ At Heart L.E.A.R.N. training two months ago. This was followed up with training on Lesson Planning and Asking Great Questions on the 26th and 27th of November 2012.

Most of the students testified that they had never before realised the value of preparing a lesson in so much detail. Although it was challenging at first, it became easier as they planned, practised and presented their lesson together.

May you be encouraged by their feedback…

The way I used to teach children is going to change. I am no longer going to run to church on a Sunday morning to present a lesson unprepared! The more I learned, the more I realised how little I know. I am looking forward to my lessons now!



Not only did I realise how important it is to teach children effectively, I also learned that I cannot teach them about God, if I don’t have a personal relationship with Him myself.



I never gave children the opportunity to ask questions in class and I never really asked them any questions. I taught and they had to listen. The training has transformed the way I will be doing my lessons in the future.



I enjoyed the practical approach of the KidZ At Heart training. Now I will remember what I have learned – because I was a part of it. And that is how we should be teaching the kids as well.



I have learned to plan and to think about new ways of teaching children every time I see them. No more boring classes!



I don’t have to present complicated lessons to teach children. In fact the more simplified the lesson and the more interaction, the better they will learn.



It was the first time I got to plan and present a lesson with a group of people. That was fun and so encouraging because we all used our different talents to make a powerful lesson.



I am going to do children’s ministry differently! I always said children are important, but never put in a great effort or budgeted for the ministry. I will also make sure that more of our teachers go for training so that they can also be equipped and encouraged.



I thought children are not able to serve God. How wrong I was! They are so important to God and therefore they should be important to me as well. I am looking forward to teaching them differently!



I have learned to develop powerful lessons in detail; and how to present them in an exciting way so that the children can be involved and learn more effectively. I also grew in confidence to present a lesson without being nervous.


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