Silver Ring Thing

Silver Ring Thing

KidZ at Heart

KidZ at Heart

‘I love children even more now! I grew closer to the Lord.’

How KidZ L.E.A.R.N. – 8 Wonderful Ways KidZ Learn – Bring the Bible to Life – How to Lead a Child to Christ – Helping KidZ Learn to Pray – these are the lessons that were taught at the KidZ At Heart training held on 23 and 24 January 2013 at the Melville Kruis Church in Johannesburg! With an enthusiastic group present, this is what the attendees had to say afterwards:


I enjoyed the singing and making up new songs and I have learned to build relationships with children.

Roce  (Joshua group, MES)

The teaching on multiple intelligences was very meaningful to me, I understand myself better. The ideas I got will be very helpful for our outreaches!

Marlinée (UJ student)

I will be able to use everything I have learned. I learned not to be narrowly-minded, but to be open to new ideas, to be more effective in children’s ministry.

Ute (UJ student)

The singing and acting and stories were so much fun! The most important thing I have learned is to apply Biblical truths to the lives of the children. I have grown in these 2 days. My views have been changed on how to handle kids. I am proud to have taken part in this course.

Mikovhe (Joshua group, MES)

I learned how to relate to different age groups. I love children even more now! I grew closer to the Lord.

Nelio (Joshua group, MES)

The L.E.A.R.N. principle opened up my eyes. I also realised how important it is to apply the Word of God to the children’s lives. It is also important to make the lessons fun and practical for kids.These 2 days enhanced my spiritual life.

Tubatsi (Joshua group, MES)

Children need to participate in the lessons, in that way they remember it better. This training will be very useful in our work!

Esther (Joshua group, MES)

It was a wonderful and fun experience for me. I have never done something like this before. It confirmed what I know – I love to work with kids.

Malehlohonolo (Joshua group, MES)

The session I enjoyed the most was on story-telling and I realised how effective it can be in our work with the children. I also learned not to use big words when working with children.

Kholeka (Joshua group, MES)

I enjoyed being part of the lessons and stories. The session on prayer really opened up my eyes and taught me how to talk with God!

Gift (Joshua group, MES)

The KidZ At Heart training made me more interested and curious about children’s ministry. I have learned a lot and I will encourage others to do the training as well.

Zodwa (Joshua group, MES)

Lessons should not be boring! I have learned to put myself on the level of the children and to have fun. I am so thankful to MES for sending us on this training.

Gugulethu (Joshua group, MES)

I didn’t know there were so many different techniques to tell stories!

Thandeka (Joshua group, MES)

I always thought restless kids are just plain naughty. Now I know that it might just be a kinaesthetic-learner! The training was fun and very productive.

Mbali (Joshua group, MES)

I feel more confident and equipped to work with children, thank you.

Lurenzo (Joshua group, MES)

The whole program was enjoyable and I have learned so much – it has changed the way I have been thinking about presenting lessons and teaching kids.

Wendy (Joshua group, MES)

Helping kids to pray was a powerful session.

Ntombi (Joshua group, MES)

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